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SS Repository

The Scout Society Repository is a section of Scout Society that holds archives of information that scouts may find useful on their journey through Scouting. Since Scout Society is a backpacking troop, the Repository contains the basic nuts and bolts of backpacking and its gear. Also in the Repository are basic scout skills that are essential to Scouting: Fire, Knife and Axe, First Aid, Orienteering, and Pioneering. Scouts are encouraged to explore through the Repository to enlighten themselves with the knowledge of what it means to be a scout. In addition to storing information scouts may need on their Scouting journey, SS Repository also keeps the maps of the places Scout Society had visited. And while we practice the principles of Leave No Trace we decided to leave a digital trail of previous locations in order to perserve our memories. Lastly, for those who need assisstance in getting their smart devices to sync with SS Mail or the Event Calendar, the Repository also holds tutorials to help in this task. Scout Society would like to remind those who do peruse through the pages of the archive that all the information listed is meant to be used as a guide or reference.

Happy Reading!

Scouts from Troop 511 have developed a new outlook for the patrol method. Instead of the traditional base camp patrol, scouts have decided to form a backpacking patrol where each member of the patrol is self sufficient with their own backpacking gear. This also allows the scouts to explore remote areas in which traditional camping gear would not allow them to do so. The backpacking portal contains information for scouts or anyone who is interested in starting backpacking.

Fire, Knife, and Axe
Campfires are not only fun during camping trips, it may be a necessity when backpacking in the outdoors. Fires not only provide warmth and a place to cook your meals if a stove is not available, it can also provide protection from predators; fire is definitely a good morale booster. In the Fire, Knife, and Axe portal scouts will learn the basics of fire building as well as the basics for using and maintaining their knife and axe.

First Aid
First aid is the aid give to victim(s) that have been injured before the proper medical authorities arrive. While everyone should know basic first aid skills in case of an emergency, it is especially true if you are a scout since a scout is always prepared (and that the First Aid merit badge is required for the rank of Eagle). Whether you are a scout or just someone who is interested in learning some basic first aid skills, the first aid portal provides guidelines on performing first aid skills. While we strive to keep the information as updated as possible, this portal is not meant to replace the aid of a qualified medical assistance, it is only provided as a reference when needed.

Orienteering is the skill of navigating by using a map and a compass. While this skill has been mostly replace by the GPS navigational system, scouts should always learn basic orienteering skills. You will never know when the GPS will run out of batteries or the dreaded “searching for GPS signal” symbol pops up. Depending on the environment, there can be times where the GPS unit is unable to pinpoint your location. In this type of situation a compass and the knowledge of how to work it can be of great use because the compass needle will almost always be able to find magnetic north. Orienteering skills also include the knowledge of how to measure heights and distances using pacing. In the Orienteering portal, readers can learn basic orienteering skills which will allow them to read and navigate in the wilderness.

Pioneering allow scouts to build elaborate structures at camps using only a toothpick, paperclip, and chewing wait, that was MacGyver. Though not as impressive, scouts can still create elaborate structures using ropes and poles. Without the use of any glue, nails or even screws, scouts can follow the “Leave No Trace” principle with the use of pioneering skills because this technique allows scouts to protect nature and preserve the outdoor experience for others to enjoy. Aside from the Eight Basic Knots, which every scout should know, other knots and lashings techniques are used to create pioneering structures that Boy Scout troops are known for. In the Pioneering portal, readers and scouts can learn these basic knots, and even get exposed to different pioneering projects.

SS Tracker
As scouts, the members of Scout Society take the opportunity to be involved in the outdoors by exploring the beauty of hiking trails of our local community. Scout Society is made up of scouts who love nothing more than discovering new trails and sharing our experiences with others. We believe that hiking is a great opportunity to connect with nature and discover hidden gems in our surroundings. SS Tracker offers a wealth of information for those looking to embark on their own hiking adventure. From beginner-friendly trails to challenging routes for experienced hikers, we've got you covered. We try to record our hiking adventures and keep the site as up to date as possible so the information is accurate and informative. Whether you're looking for a peaceful hike through a serene forest or a thrilling climb up a mountain peak, Scout Society provides everything you need to plan your next hiking trip. We offer detailed trail maps, insider tips, and essential gear recommendations to help make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We hope that our website inspires you to go out and explore the beauty of the great outdoors. Join us on our journey and discover some of the most breathtaking hiking trails in the world!     

With our active and busy lives, it's hard to check our Scout Society emails and keep updated with Scout Society events. Enter the smart phone and smart devices to help us in this situation. Once set up, these devices can remind us of upcoming Scout Society events or inform us that we received important emails. Review the different tutorials to gain an understanding of how you can set up your devices to gain an understanding of how you can take advantage of what Scout Society has to offer.