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Tutorial Portal

Are you taking advantage of all that Scout Society has to offer?
If you have a smart device of some sort handy you can do just that!
These tutorials will provide assistance in topics that may be of interest to users.

Adding the Scout Society Event Calendar
Each scout is given their own calendar to track their personal events. An additional step is required before their calendar also display Scout Society Events. This tutorial will show you how it is done.

Email Sync - Apple Devices
Sync your iPhone or iTouch with Scout Society mail so you can receive emails while you're on the go.

Calendar Sync - Apple Devices
Just like syncing your Scout Society mail with your iDevice, you can also sync the event calendar. With this handy, you'll be able to see what events will be occuring on which days.

Email and Calendar Sync - Android Devices
With an Android device, you can do the same and sync your Scout Society email and calendar. Now you can have your mail and the event calendar in the palm of your hand.

Advancement Reporting - SS Portal
So you earned a merit badge, now what? Follow the tutorial to learn how you can use SS Portal to submit your advancements using the Scout Advancement Record.