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Fire, Knife and Axe Portal

Scouting consists of learning a variety of skills that regular schools may not delve into because it's not part of their topics for teaching. However, in Scouting, the skills and techniques of Fire, Knife, and Axe are essential to the program.

Within this portal, readers can find information related to the basics of fire building. The fire article discusses the different parts of the fire as well as the types of wood needed to create one. In addition to finding the correct wood needed, there are also techniques that can be used in order to create fire starters. As with many things there are specific fire types that specializes in doing a certain task. Knowing which type of fire to use is also an important part of fire building. The Firem'n Chit certification grants a scout the right to carry matches as well as building campfires. If the scout does not have this card on them, they will not be allowed to do either.

The second topic in this portal discusses the basics of the knife. Being one of the most important tool that a scout or anyone could carry on a trip, the knife can be a life saver. From cutting wood for a fire to cooking meals, the knife is an extremely valuable tool to have because of its usefulness. This tool is made of a variety of different materials, each with its pros and cons. And because it is a tool, the knife must be properly maintained if you want it to be of use. Basic techniques and safety procedures, such as the blood circle, will be discussed in the knife article.

Lastly, the final topic is the axe. Just like the knife, the axe shares many things such as the importance of being maintained as well as safety procedures. Safety is important when it comes to dealing with sharp objects. The axe article will go in depth about the proper ways to handle an axe. Just like how the Firem'n Chit grants a scout to carry matches and create campfires, the Totin' Chip certification grants a scout the right to carry and use knives and wood tools. Without this card on their person, scouts would not be allowed to carry or use either.