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Orienteering Portal

Orienteering is the process of navigating from point to point with the aid of a map and navigation device. While there have been many technical advancements made to navigation, such as the introduction of Global Positioning System (GPS), anyone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors should know basic skills in navigation without the aid of electronics. Since compasses do not require batteries, or a GPS signal, you are always ready to go.

Within this portal, readers can find information related to items related to orienteering. The Orienteering Basics section introduces the basics of orienteering such as finding a scoutís pace and methods to determine height and width.

Other topics covered within this portal includes a breakdown of the different parts that make up a compass as well as techniques used to find north without the aid of a compass. A scout should be prepared and should know how to navigate the trails they are embarking on. Read on for more information.