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Backpacking Portal

Scouts from Troop 511 have developed a new outlook for the patrol method. Instead of the traditional base camp patrol, scouts have decided to form a backpacking patrol where each member of the patrol is self sufficient with their own backpacking gear. This also allows the scouts to explore remote areas in which traditional camping gear would not allow them to do so.

Within this portal, readers can find information related to different items used in backpacking. The backpack section introduces the different types of backpacks used in backpacking trips so scouts can determine the type of backpack that is right for them. The backpack section also reviews how to adjust a new backpack to optimize the comfort for the user.

Aside from introducing backpacks, the cookware section introduces different cookware that are used on backpacking trips. Since backpackers must carry everything that is used on the trip with them, the traditional cookware used for base camp may need to be modified. The cookware section will review the different types of cookware that are available so scouts can select the one that is best for them.

The packing section allows the reader to gain an understanding of how to properly pack their backpacking backpack. The main difference between backpacking and the traditional camp out is that all required gear for the trip, including food and water, is held in the backpack. By efficiently packing the scout's gear, the scout will be able to pack more equipment into their pack and most importantly have a balanced one.

Similar to cookware, backpacking stoves are also different from their base camp cousins. The stoves section reviews the different types of stove and fuel that each stove may use. Unlike traditional stoves that are mainly powered by propane, backpacking stoves offer different fuel types to allow the users a larger variety of fuel, depending on where they are. Each stoves have their pros and cons, so prior to purchasing a backpacking stove, the scout should determine which stove fits them.

A pack list cannot be complete without the shelter, and while many scouts prefer sleeping in a shelter that they built with their hands; you can't beat the convenience of a tent. There is a large variety of backpacking tents which are made of different materials, and similar to a stove, each material has their pros and cons. Each should review the different factors of each before deciding on a tent.

The backpacking portal provides general information which may help scouts and interested readers gain a better understanding of what is needed for an enjoyable backpacking trip. If you have not experienced a backpacking trip, I highly recommend it. A backpacking trip is a completely different experience compared to a traditional camp out. Only until you experience the true outdoors on a backpacking trip can you understand what nature truly is.