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Boy Scouts Patrols

Boy Scout believes in the philosophy learning from experience, this is why troops in the Boy Scout are boy run, meaning the boys are the ones leading the troop and planning the events. To give all scouts a chance at leadership, troops also adopted the patrol method, where the troop is divided into different patrols. Troop 511 consists of approximately twenty eight scouts which are in turn separated into patrols. Currently there are three patrols: the Dragon Patrol, the Eagle Patrol and the Scorpion Patrol. Patrols are lead by a Patrol Leader with two older scouts, an Instructor and a Patrol Guide, whose roles are to assist the Patrol Leader. The patrols and their members are listed below.




Vincent Kang: Patrol Leader [PL] Bryant Tay: Patrol Leader [PL] Samson Wong: Patrol Leader [PL]
Andy Liang: Assistant Patrol Leader [APL] Kyle Lee: Assistant Patrol Leader [APL] Vincent Huynh: Assistant Patrol Leader [APL]
Lishen Lin: Quartermaster [QM] Cesar Xie: Quartermaster [QM] Hailun Yu: Quartermaster [QM]
Johnny Tan: Scribe [S] Dylan Chew: Scribe [S] Lishen Lin: Scribe [S]
Chris Yu: Member [M] William Wang: Member [M] Lucas Lin: Member [M]
Jason Huang: Member [M] Kingston Lee: Member [M] Vincent Li Member [M]
Walter Wang: Member [M] Austin Chen Member [M]

--Senior Scouts--
Calvin Kang: Senior Patrol Leader [SPL]
Bryan Ly: Assistant Senior Patrol Leader [ASPL], Instructor [I]
Warren Wang: Assistant Senior Patrol Leader [ASPL], Instructor [I]
Zitong Xie: Patrol Guide[PG]
Warren Hang: Patrol Guide[PG]
Thomas Huang: Patrol Guide[PG]

Revised: November 14, 2018