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Boy Scouts Eagle's Nest

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rank that a scout in the Boy Scout program can earn. The passage to the rank of Eagle is demanding, so demanding that only four percent of all boy scouts would achive the rank of Eagle. The rank of Eagle is the culmination of the efforts of the scout and his leaders. A scout must earn twenty-one Merit Badges, and perform a service project benefiting his community. The Eagle Badge is a reflection of a scout reaching for his goals. The Badge stands for strength of character and symbolizes what a scout has done, but more importantly, it represents what the scout will be in his future.

To view each scout's Eagle profile, please click the recipient's name below.

Troop 511 Eagle Scout Recipients

Troung Ta - December 1999

Perry Poon - May 2000

Jackson Lam - May 2003

Victor Tran - February 2004

Andrew Conteras - January 2005

Hubert Nhan - October 2005

Justin Tsan - March 2007

Austin Liauw - April 2008

Danny Lac - August 2008

Jonathan Tsang - October 2008

Allen Shih - August 2009

Jason Kong - August 2009

Hansen Luong - August 2009

Raymond Chung - July 2010

Stanley Lin - August 2010

Brandon Liauw - September 2010

Gary Li - February 2013

Kevin Shih - October 2013

Jonathan Wu - June 2014

Dylan Chung - September 2015

Colby Le - October 2015

Cato Ma - November 2015

Norman Chu - January 2016

Solomon Cheung - March 2017

Kevin Chen - December 2017

Richard Lam - December 2017

Preston Ling - December 2017

Bryan Ly - March 2019