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---About Crimson Embers---

Scout Society has adopted the phoenix to be their mascot because of its amazing life-cycle and what it represents. The story behind this mythical bird is that towards the end of its life-cycle, the phoenix will burst into flames and become reduced to ashes. Despite its “death”, the phoenix will be reborn from its ashes and rise once again; making it immortal.

Although it is a mythological bird, we believe that the phoenix is a good representative of the Scouting journey. When scouts complete their requirements to obtain the highest level of Scouting, their quest is complete. But instead of finding an end, scouts will realize that there is much more to learn in life. With the knowledge of their Scouting experiences supporting them, scouts can apply what they learned to their new journey. As one life ends, another will begin.

When you begin a new journey in life, never forget the knowledge and experiences you have gained. As always, remember to “Be Prepared.”

The History of The Scout Society

The Scout Society consists of four scouting groups: Boy Scout Troop 511, Cub Scout Pack 511, Girl Scout Troop 5121, and Venture Crew 591. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Crew members of Scout Society belong to the San Gabriel Valley Council, Mission Amigos district which is currently serving the communities of Alhambra, San Gabriel, Temple City, Monterey Park, and Rosemead. The Girl Scouts of Scout Society belong to the Greater Los Angeles Chapter, formerly known as Girl Scouts Mt. Wilson Vista Council.

Scout Society's scout program first began with the creation of a Cub Scout Pack in May 1992. The Cub Scouts focus on scouts ages six through ten. During this time scouts are introduced to crafts and skills which include emergency preparedness, basic scouting skills, and an introduction to outdoor activities.

Due to the increased participation of older boys, the Boy Scout Troop was created six months later in September of 1992. The Boy Scout Troop's main goals are to introduce young men to leadership skills, and survival techniques through first hand experience. The Scout Troop participates in many outings which include camping, hiking, and competition such as the annual Camporee.

As the involvement of youths soon included the sisters of the scouts, a Girl Scout Troop was created in October 1997. Girls of the troop concentrate on several parts of the Girl Scouting program which includes learning about crafts, leadership, and as a bonus, some basic skills from the Boy Scout Troop.

The last element of the Society was not introduced until September 2001. The Venture Crew specializes in high adventure activities and was available to any youth over the age of fourteen. Activities of the Venture Crew involve backpacking trips, mountain climbing, kayaking, cycling, and many other high adventure activities.

As a Scout Society, the four groups are involved in each other. They participate in many Scout activities and provide service to the community. Together, the scouts learn from each other and prepare themselves for life in the future with the knowledge and skills they acquire from the Scouting program.